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Comments on Morneau Shepell in Aurora / Newmarket

帖子 游客 » 周四 3月 14, 2019 2:02 pm

机构负责人 Supervisor Name:
机构名称Service Provider Name: Morneau Shepell
地址Address: 126 Wellington Street W | Aurora, ON L4G 2N9
联系信息Contact Info: 905 751 0970
简短评价Brief Review:
Some comments for the initial visit
The director's name is Courtney Fabbro, she is very nice. She said parents could join the sessions once in a while(for example once per week), and we could even request her to record a session once a week.

When I asked for profiles of her employees, she agreed to send those to me via email, but I never received it after that.
Also the rate is a bit higher compared to other centres, it is 50$/h at the center, and for each session, there would be a 0.5h extra fee.( So say I take a 2h session and it will ends up costing me 2.5*50 = 125$.



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