WillowWood私立特殊学校in North York

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WillowWood私立特殊学校in North York

帖子 游客 » 周二 4月 16, 2019 10:43 pm

机构负责人 Supervisor Name: Fred Howe
机构名称Service Provider Name:
地址Address:55 Scarsdale Rd, North York, ON M3B 2R3
联系信息Contact Info: https://www.willowwoodschool.ca/
介绍:AN INDEPENDENT SCHOOL FOR DIVERSE LEARNERS. WillowWood was founded in 1980 based on the core value that all students have a right to learn with dignity; that a warm and nurturing school can serve as a foundation for remarkable lives; and that it is the whole person who matters. We have a long tradition of delivering targeted, personal education that considers each student's needs, inclinations and strengths. This individualized approach ensures that students are able to discover and embrace their strengths, address their weaknesses, and maintain their dignity. Classes are small, the atmosphere is warm, and the pedagogical approach is holistic. Our effective teaching strategies, enthusiastic staff members, innovative programs and friendly environment bring out the best in students, build self-confidence and inspire a love of learning. If your family is seeking a new style of school that is small, with a strong history of inspiring students, come by for a visit. We’d love to meet you.WillowWood School is an alternative private school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for Grades 1 through 12. It was founded in 1980 by owner/principal Joy Kurtz. The school caters for children with learning differences, ADHD, and other learning challenges. WillowWood has an Arts and Sports program
一个独立的学校为多元化的学习者。 WillowWood成立于1980年,基于所有学生都有尊严学习的核心价值观;一个温暖而有教养的学校可以作为卓越生活的基础;并且整个人都很重要。我们有悠久的传统,提供有针对性的个人教育,考虑每个学生的需求,倾向和优势。这种个性化的方法确保学生能够发现和接受他们的优势,解决他们的弱点,并保持他们的尊严。课程很小,气氛温暖,教学方法是全面的。我们有效的教学策略,热情的员工,创新的计划和友好的环境,为学生带来最好的,建立自信,激发学生的热爱。如果您的家人正在寻求一种小型的新式学校,并且有着鼓舞学生的悠久历史,那就来看看吧。我们很乐意见到你.WillowWood School是加拿大安大略省多伦多市1至12年级的另类私立学校。它由业主/校长Joy Kurtz于1980年创立。学校迎合有学习差异,注意力缺陷多动症和其他学习挑战的儿童。 WillowWood有一个艺术和体育课程

Curriculum: Liberal Arts
Tuition: $18,100 to 23,500/year
Avg. Class Size: 10 to 16
Grades: Gr. 1 to Gr. 12
Enrollment: 250

简短评价Brief Review:
My friends daughter goes to willowwood. She is not overly happy, but feels its a better option than public school.


Re: WillowWood私立特殊学校in North York

帖子 游客 » 周一 5月 20, 2019 5:59 pm

Willowwood is supposed to be a good private school for HFA kids. In the public system, alternative public schools sometimes offer a more flexible environment, and sometimes have smaller class sizes. My 10-yr-old is in a public alternative school, but Ilana is right, it is hard to get in (a lottery and then a waitlist if you don't get in). Is he going into grade 7? For grade 7 there is Quest Alternative or East Alternative, and probably others. Here is the link to all the K-8 alternative schools: https://www.tdsb.on.ca/Find-your/School ... ve-Schools . There is no specific HFA-related support for my kid at his school but I have been happy with the teachers' accommodations and understanding (although this varies according to the specific teacher).

Willowwood应该是一个适合高功能自闭症孩子的好私立学校。 在公共系统中,替代性公立学校有时提供更灵活的环境,有时候班级规模较小。 我10岁的孩子在公立替代学校,很难进入(如果你不进入,那么很多人会参加抽奖形式的入学程序,然后是候补等待名单)。 如果孩子会进入7年级, 对于7年级,有Quest Alternative或East Alternative,可能还有其他。 以下是所有K-8替代学校的链接:https://www.tdsb.on.ca/Find-your/School/Alternative-Schools。 我的孩子在他的学校没有特定的高功能自闭症相关支持,但我对老师的安排和理解感到满意(尽管这根据具体的老师而有所不同)



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